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Tenacity in Children: Nurturing the Seven Instincts for Lifetime Success

New book offers insights into understanding the processes by which parents help children thrive, strive, and survive as it examines how seven genetic traits intertwine and can be leveraged.

Heidelberg | New York, 12 April 2021

Book cover: Tenacity in Children The book examines how multiple generations of parents and caregivers raised children to become successful adults. Until recent times in human history, there were no schools or organized institutions, nor were there parenting books. Rather, caregivers depended on the seven important instincts that evolved across tens of thousands of years in the human species:  intuitive optimism, intrinsic motivation, compassionate empathy, simultaneous intelligence, genuine altruism, virtuous responsibility, and measured fairness.

“By providing children with opportunities to develop these seven instincts that comprise tenacity, we strengthen these instincts and increase children’s ability to manage irrational beliefs, be accepting of difference, and solve problems without resorting to aggression,” say the authors, Goldstein and Brooks.

Written in an easy-to-read, narrative style, the authors draw on their expertise of more than 30 years of research to combine scientific studies, philosophical thought, and practical experience. As such, Tenacity in Children offers well-defined guideposts for adults committed to providing every child with the opportunity to access, strengthen, and employ these instincts as they negotiate the passage from childhood into adult life.

About the authors

Sam Goldstein is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, the University of Utah School of Medicine (USA) and certified School Psychologist, Utah. He has authored, co-edited, or co-authored over fifty clinical and trade publications, three dozen book chapters, nearly three dozen peer-reviewed scientific articles and eight psychological and neuropsychological tests. 

Robert B. Brooks is currently on the Harvard Medical School faculty (part-time) and is the former Director of the Department of Psychology at McLean Hospital. He has authored, co-edited or co-authored 18 books and, in addition, authored or co-authored almost three dozen book chapters and more than three dozen peer-reviewed scientific articles. 

About the book

Sam Goldstein & Robert B. Brooks
Tenacity in Children
2020, 164 p., 14 illus.
Softcover  €19,25 | £15.76 | $19.99
ISBN 978-3-030-65088-9
eISBN 978-3-030-65089-6

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