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Springer Nature supports two charity projects for children with disabilities in Italy

In 2018 the Julius Springer Charitable Fund donated 25,000 euro to two charitable organizations in Milan

Heidelberg | Milan, 3 December 2018 

Two Italian charities that support children with disabilities from low-income families received 25,000 euros this year from the Julius Springer Charitable Fund. The fund is affiliated with Springer Nature and provides financial support for people in need in Germany and, each year, in another country where Springer Nature operates. This year, Springer Nature employees from the office in Milan worked together with two local charities to select low-income families whose children urgently needed therapeutic treatment for their particular disabilities. The financial aid was available for children and adolescents with autism, Down’s syndrome and other early childhood developmental disorders.

One of the two charities selected for the funding, “Terapia Multisistemica in Acqua” (TMA), offers multi-systemic water therapy to children with physical and mental health disabilities, as well as those suffering from anxiety or ADHD. Children are looked after by specialist therapists and taken through exercises and activities that allow them to develop their sensory, motor and social skills.

The second organization, “L'abilità”, is an NGO specializing in the development of services to improve integration and inclusion for children with disabilities and their families. L'abilità is engaged in several projects involving public institutions and foundations.

"Some of our colleagues have children with disabilities and know these organizations from their own experience. The financial support from our charitable fund helped a total of 17 families to pay for much needed therapy. As Springer Nature employees, we are very proud to have been able to offer this support," said Alessandro Gallo, General Manager of Springer Healthcare and a member of the Charitable Fund Volunteer Group in Milan.

The Julius Springer Charitable Fund was founded in 2004 as a non-profit association to provide financial support to those in need. A significant proportion of the available funding goes to support initiatives based in Germany, but each year a project is funded in a different country – usually a location where Springer Nature has an office. As a next project, the charitable fund will support selected initiatives to help critically ill children in Poland.

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