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Beyond the birds and the bees: Sex up your knowledge

New Springer book presents facts on the world’s simplest pleasure from the perspective of science

Heidelberg, 22 September 2016

Book cover: S=EX²Are you interested in the effects of yoga on sexual pleasure? Do you want to learn about the neuronal principles of arousal? Then you are well advised to turn to Pere Estupinyà’s S=EX². The Science of Sex, in which he looks at popular beliefs on sex from a scientific perspective. The new book published by Springer presents the first-ever compilation of reliable information on the topic that is aimed at a larger audience.

In his latest publication, Pere Estupinyà does not simply offer advice on sexual education, techniques, or evolutionary psychology, but adds a new dimension by providing insights on scientific fields connected to sex. For his background research, the author has conducted numerous interviews with interesting individuals, such as asexual people, fetishists, multi-orgasmic women and men without refractory period. Starting from these authentic accounts, Estupinyà presents a wealth of new information to be discovered - ranging from the 1960’s attempts to cure homosexuality with electric shock therapy to the evolutionary mysteries in women’s sexual nature. For the more adventurous, there are even some dating tips based on scientific findings.

S=EX² explains everything you ever wanted to know about sex, including things you were afraid to ask. The book debunks common misunderstandings in an entertaining way and offers a valuable yet easy read to both the scientific community and any curious reader.

Originally trained as a chemist and biochemist, Pere Estupinyà works as a science journalist. He has lectured on Science, Technology and Society at Ramon Llull University in Barcelona and spent an academic year at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University as a Knights Science Journalism Fellow. He has served as a consultant for various organizations which aim to improve science communication in Latin America. After working as the editor of a leading Spanish TV program on science, he is currently the director and presenter of a new TV show named after his book The Brain Snatcher.

Pere Estupinyà
The Science of Sex
Springer (2016) 387 p. 12 illus.
€ 19,99 | £ 22.50 | $ 19.99
Softcover 978-3-319-31725-0
Also available as an eBook

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