Journal of Molecular Modeling Conversations

Journal of Molecular Modeling Conversations are a special type of Topical Collection designed to stimulate constructive scientific discussion on a specific field of interest to the modeling community as a whole. The format of the Conversations is as follows:

  • Each Conversation is moderated by a guest editor, who invites typically four or five experts on different aspects of the subject of the Conversation to act as primary contributors by writing articles on their specific interest and expounding their views. The guest editor also writes a primary contribution.
  • The primary contributors submit their contributions first to the guest editor, who circulates them among all primary contributors, who can pose written questions to be answered by the authors of the articles in question. This process can be iterated until the original articles, questions and answers are submitted all together to the Journal’s editorial system. 
  • After refereeing by all the other primary contributors within the editorial system, the articles are revised as necessary so that they can appear back-to-back in the printed version of the journal and with consecutive paper numbers online. 
  • The Conversation appears as a Topical Collection. The editor in chief, guest editor and primary contributors can then invite others to contribute to the conversation, which will remain open for submissions for an agreed time after the primary articles appear. Interested readers can also submit comments and articles spontaneously. These contributions will be handled by the guest editor. Questions and answers will be solicited by the guest editor for manuscripts submitted in this second round of submissions and will be published in the same way as for the primary contributions.

When it appears appropriate, the Conversation will be closed for submissions and remain as a Topical Collection in the Journal.