Call for Special Issue Proposals on Autonomous Vessels

In many land based transportation systems, autonomous vehicle systems have already been realized such as ATO (Automatic Train Operation) system. Also in the aviation technology field, UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicle) has been already established mainly in military use.  Although the currently operated vessel already includes automated system, and this technology has greatly contributed for a reduction in onboard manning, in order to establish the automated or unmanned vessel in the true sense, further researches and developments seems be necessary. Now, a lot of projects are proceeding in all over the world. This technology has a potential to improve the ship environmental performance, operational safety, cost-effective shipping. The potential applicable tools are interconnectivity, control theory, image processing technology, artificial intelligence,

Journal of Marine Science and Technology (JMST) invites to submit special issue proposals on autonomous vessel. The followings are topics that can be of interest for this special issue. The review paper of this technology and topics are also very welcomed.

  • Remote-control technology
  • Autonomous operation technology and control system
  • Automated onboard system
  • Path planning and automatic collision avoidance
  • Automatic berthing and unberthing
  • Maritime regulation and workforce
  • Environmental impact
  • Impact on economics

The special issues may consist of 6 - 10 papers. Alongside the regular special issue papers from other contributors, the guest editor(s) should write a guest editorial note for this special issue

All special issue proposals and any relevant inquiries should be sent to