Aims and scope

Since 1965, the international journal Acta Mechanica has been among the leading venues in theoretical and applied mechanics. Acta Mechanica gives attention to research in all fields of solid and fluid mechanics with emphasis on concise mechanical and thermodynamical material modeling and related stochastic, computational as well as experimental methods.

In solid mechanics, selected areas of interest are:

  • elasticity
  • plasticity
  • multi-body dynamics
  • vibrations and control
  • smart materials and structures
Fields of interest in fluid mechanics are: 
  • hydrodynamics
  • gasdynamics
  • aerodynamics
  • single- and multi-phase flows
  • rheology
  • non-Newtonian fluids
Special emphasis is given to the nano-Micro-macro-correlation of microstructure and constitutive properties in solids and fluids analyzed by 
  • nano- and micromechanics
  • homogenization, as well as by
  • model order reduction and
  • data-based methods
The journal further publishes papers in related fields such as scale-dependence of constitutive properties of fluids and solids. Acta Mechanica emphasizes originality in theoretical, experimental, and computational mechanics of lasting value and current interest. Acta Mechanica also publishes special issues and editor-invited Reviews and Perspectives.