Call for Papers - Complication management

Many complications are true “black swans” and can be avoided or managed only to the extent one is prepared. Hence, sharing complications is a magnificent and generous way to dissipate knowledge and improve care for our community of neurosurgical patients. Acta Neurochirugica wants to be part of this endeavor, and we have temporarily extended our scope of “How I do it” accordingly.

Acta Neurochirurgica will be honored and grateful to receive articles on how you as neurosurgeons have managed a concrete complication: Have you encountered complications during your surgical procedures and figured out ways to counter or minimize these? Do you have video material available? Then please feel free to share your experiences and hand in your article in the “How I do it” format to Acta Neurochirurgica until 30th of November!

You may submit your contribution through the submission system. For guidance on the requirements, please follow this link.