Special Issue on Collaborative Mining for Distributed Systems

CoMinDS Special Issue Call for Papers

Title: Collaborative Mining for Distributed Systems 

Theme: Nowadays, organizations increasingly need to coordinate to achieve their goals collaboratively and create new forms of business. This requires organizations to form (business-oriented) distributed systems, guaranteeing their interoperability. However, this task is made complex by the need to coordinate the interactions of various participants, dealing with requirements, constraints, and regulations coming from different organizations. In addition, many business scenarios started to involve automated and highly distributed components such as robots and smart devices that perceive and interact with the dynamics arising from the physical world.

Effective coordination and cooperation of these distributed and collaborative systems demand the compatibility of the processes performed by each system component. To this end, observations of the whole system’s behavior can be valuable sources of information on which apply collaborative mining, i.e., process mining techniques developed to handle distributed event logs, i.e., heterogeneous data produced by the system components. Collaborative mining refers to techniques fostering the coordination aspects involved in distributed systems. 

The objective of the special issue on Collaborative Mining for Distributed Systems is to foster original works addressing challenges related to the paradigm of collaborative mining. 

The topics include, but are not limited to: 

● Construction of Distributed Event Logs 

● Discovery of Collaborative Models 

● Conformance Analysis for Collaborative Models 

● Multi-perspective Collaborative Mining 

● Privacy-preserving Collaborative Process Mining 

● Distributed Systems Monitoring and Repair 

● Collaborative Decision Mining 

● Streaming Collaborative Mining 

SI Editors: 

● Andrea Burattin, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark (andbur@dtu.dk) 

● Pascal Poizat, University Paris Nanterre, France (pascal.poizat@lip6.fr) 

● Lorenzo Rossi, University of Camerino, Italy (lorenzo.rossi@unicam.it) 

Important dates: 

● Submission: August 1st, 2022 

● First round of revisions: October 15th, 2022 

● Revised manuscripts due: November 15th, 2022 

● Completion of the review and revision process (final notification): December 31st, 2022 

Submission guidelines: The call is open to research papers proposing novel approaches, methodologies, foundations, systematic literature reviews, and relevant case studies. We welcome submissions of original and previously unpublished papers and we encourage the submission of revised and extended papers (at least 30% new material) from the First Workshop on Collaborative Mining for Distributed Systems (CoMinDS 2022). All the submissions must follow the guidelines reported at https://www.springer.com/journal/607/submission-guidelines. Submissions, initial as well as final, cannot exceed 25 pages including references.

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