NEW COLLECTION: Living at its dry limits: Tilliandsiales in the Atacama Desert

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The northern Chilean Atacama Desert is among those regions on Earth where life exists at its dry limits. There is almost zero rainfall in its core zone, and the only source of water is a spatio-temporally complex fog system along the Pacific coast, which is reaching far into the hyperarid mainland. Hardly any vascular plants grow in these areas, and, thus, it is intriguing to be faced with a vegetation-type build-up by one single and highly specialized bromeliad species, Tillandsia landbeckii Phil., forming regular linear structures in a sloped landscape.

Living at its dry limits: Tillandsiales in the Atacama Desert
Marcus A. Koch, Dietmar Quandt & Alexander Siegmund 
Original Article │ Open Access│ Published: 07 February 2022

Spatial distribution and interannual variability of coastal fog and low clouds cover in the hyperarid Atacama Desert and implications for past and present Tillandsia landbeckii ecosystems
Camilo del Río, Felipe Lobos-Roco, Claudio Latorre, Marcus A. Koch, Juan-Luis García, Pablo Osses, Fabrice Lambert, Fernando Alfaro & Alexander Siegmund
Original Article │ Open Access│ Published: 15 September 2021

Climate and coastal low-cloud dynamic in the hyperarid Atacama fog Desert and the geographic distribution of Tillandsia landbeckii (Bromeliaceae) dune ecosystems
Juan-Luis García, Felipe Lobos-Roco, Jan H. Schween, Camilo del Río, Pablo Osses, Raimundo Vives, Mariana Pezoa, Alexander Siegmund, Claudio Latorre, Fernando Alfaro, Marcus A. Koch & Ulrich Loehnert
Original Article│Published: 06 September 2021

Soil bacterial community structure of fog‐dependent Tillandsia landbeckii dunes in the Atacama Desert
Fernando D. Alfaro, Marlene Manzano, Cristian Almiray, Juan-Luis García, Pablo Osses, Camilo del Rio, Constanza Vargas, Claudio Latorre, Marcus A. Koch, Alexander Siegmund & Sebastian Abades
Original Article│Published: 28 August 2021

Distribution patterns, ecological niche and conservation status of endemic Tillandsia purpurea along the Peruvian coast
Francisco Villasante Benavides, G. Anthony Pauca-Tanco, C. R. Luque-Fernández, Johana del Pilar Quispe-Turpo, Luis N. Villegas Paredes, Alexander Siegmund & Marcus A. Koch
Original Article│Published: 26 July 2021

Setting the evolutionary timeline: Tillandsia landbeckii in the Chilean Atacama Desert
Johanna Möbus, Christiane Kiefer, Dietmar Quandt, Michael H. Barfuss & Marcus A. Koch
Original Article│Published: 20 May 2021

Leaf wax composition and distribution of Tillandsia landbeckii reflects moisture gradient across the hyperarid Atacama Desert
Sergio Contreras, Manlio Landahur, Karla García, Claudio Latorre, Mark Reyers, Janet Rethemeyer & Andrea Jaeschke
Original Article│Open Access│Published: 06 January 2022

Living at the dry limits: ecological genetics of Tillandsia landbeckii lomas in the Chilean Atacama Desert
Marcus A. Koch, Dorothea Kleinpeter, Erik Auer, Alexander Siegmund, Camilo del Rio, Pablo Osses, Juan-Luis García, Maria V. Marzol, Georg Zizka & Christiane Kiefer
Original Article│Published: 04 November 2019

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