Polyploid evolution collection

Brought to you by Plant Systematics and Evolution: this is a 2018/2019 topical collection on polyploid evolution. Anyone you share the following links with will be able to read this content:

Molecular cytogenetic analysis reveals evolutionary relationships between polyploid Aegilops species Pl
Zinat Abdolmalaki et al.

Why polyploid exceptionalism is not accompanied by reduced extinction rates
Donald A. Levin

Pollen morphology in natural diploid–polyploid hybridogeneous complex of the genus Onosma (Boraginaceae–Lithospermeae)
V. Kolarčik et al. 

Polyploid speciation across a suture zone: phylogeography and species delimitation in S French Leucanthemum Mill. representatives (Compositae–Anthemideae)
Christoph Oberprieler

Inferring the potential of plastid DNA-based identification of derived ferns: a case study on the Asplenium trichomanes aggregate in Europe
Hong-Mei Lu et al.

Genome sizes and phylogenetic relationships suggest recent divergence of closely related species of the Limonium vulgare complex (Plumbaginaceae)
Ana S. Róis et al.

Sexual, apomictic and mixed populations in Handroanthus ochraceus (Bignoniaceae) polyploid complex
Mariana G. Mendes et al.

Brassicales: an update on chromosomal evolution and ancient polyploidy
Martin A. Lysak

Genome-wide nucleotide diversity and associations with geography, ploidy level and glucosinolate profiles in Aethionema arabicum (Brassicaceae)
Setareh Mohammadin et al.

Mapping of Hieracium (Asteraceae) chromosomes with genus-specific satDNA elements derived from next-generation sequencing data
Alexander Belyayev et al.

Evidence for genetic allopolyploidy in Eutrema edwardsii (Brassicaceae): implications for conservation
Jared Mastin et al.