Below are some article collections organized by thematic area. These are all links to free full-text articles. We hope you enjoy, and thank you to all of our authors for contributing to Plant Systematics and Evolution (PSE)!

Polyploid evolution (2018-19)Neuer Inhalt
Polyploidy or whole-genome duplication is recognized as being present in almost all lineages of higher plants and is considered a major driving force of plant evolution. Read here.

Plant Reproduction (2018-19)Neuer Inhalt
The evolution of floral parts and their function in breeding systems directly determine the success of plants. The intent of this collection is to collate recent studies published in PSE that enhance our understanding of the diversity in flowering plant reproductive traits and patterns as well as their systematic importance. Read here.

Fungi (2016-18)Neuer Inhalt (1)
One of the aims of Plant Systematics and Evolution is to increase both the authorship and readership of the journal from the mycological scientific community. This collection brings together papers with fungi as a common theme published in our journal over the last years. We hope that the below articles will be of interest to mycologist and other researchers working in this area. Read here.

Orchids – fascinating Neuer Inhaltdiversity (2015-18)
With this collection, we would like to bring attention to a number of recent contributions on Orchidaceae, one of the largest families of flowering plants, published in Plant Systematics and Evolution. Read here.