Top 10 articles 2020 by full-text downloads!

A label-free biosensor based on graphene and reduced graphene oxide dual-layer for electrochemical determination of beta-amyloid biomarkers | Open Access
by Jagriti Sethi, M. Van Bulck, A. Suhail, M. Safarzadeh, A. Perez-Castillo & G.Pan 
Volume 187, issue 5, 2020


Aptamer-modified gold nanoparticles for rapid aggregation-based detection of inflammation: an optical assay for interleukin-6 | Open Access
by S.Giorgi-Coll, M.J. Marín, O. Sule, P J. Hutchinson & K.L.H. Carpenter 
Volume 187, issue 1, 2020


Lateral flow biosensors based on the use of micro- and nanomaterials: a review on recent developments
by Y. Huang, T. Xu, W. Wang, Y. Wen, K. Li, L. Qian, X. Zhang & G. Liu 
Volume 187, issue 1, 2020


Recent developments in carbon-based two-dimensional materials: synthesis and modification aspects for electrochemical sensors | Open Access
by E.-M. Kirchner & T. Hirsch
Volume 187, issue 8, 2020


Nanobiosensors as new diagnostic tools for SARS, MERS and COVID-19: from past to perspectives | Open Access
by R. Antiochia
Volume 187, issue12, 2020


Aptamer-based cocaine assay using a nanohybrid composed of ZnS/Ag2Se quantum dots, graphene oxide and gold nanoparticles as a fluorescent probe | Open Access
by O. Adegoke, M.A. Pereira-Barros, S. Zolotovskaya, A. Abdolvand & N. Nic Daeid 
Volume 187, issue 2, 2020


β-Hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase decorated MXene nanosheets for the amperometric determination of β-hydroxybutyrate
by A. Koyappayil, S. Ganpat Chavan, M. Mohammadniaei, A. Go, S. Young Hwang & M.-H. Lee 
Volume 187, issue 5, 2020


A review on colorimetric methods for determination of organophosphate pesticides using gold and silver nanoparticles
by I.S. Che Sulaiman, B.W. Chieng, M.J. Osman, K.K. Ong, J.I. A. Rashid, W.M.Z. Wan Yunus, S.A.M. Noor, N.A.M. Kasim, N.A. Halim & A. Mohamad 
Volume 187, issue 2, 2020


Carbon dots with pH-responsive fluorescence: a review on synthesis and cell biological applications
by H. Ehtesabi, Z. Hallaji, S. Najafi Nobar & Z. Bagheri 
Volume 187, issue 2, 2020


The benefits of carbon black, gold and magnetic nanomaterials for point-of-harvest electrochemical quantification of domoic acid | Open Access
by J.L.D. Nelis, D. Migliorelli, S. Jafari, S. Generelli, J. Lou-Franco, J. Pablo Salvador, M. Pilar Marco, C. Cao, C. T. Elliott & K. Campbell 
Volume 187, issue 3, 2020