Open for submission: Precision Oncology & Supportive Care

Cancer medicine has experienced a paradigm shift precipitated by advances in genomic science.  Approvals of immunotherapies and targeted agents have been accelerating in recent years, resulting in improved patient outcomes.  Importantly, these advances have required new thinking in cancer supportive care, as we are gaining a better understanding of the toxicities associated with these novel therapies.

In response, I am pleased to launch a new section of Supportive Care in Cancer, “Precision Oncology & Supportive Care”, established to publish high-quality reviews and original research concerning the side effects of genomic-guided medicine, pharmacogenomics, multiomics, and strategies to mitigate these toxicities.  This section will be led by Associate Editor, Steve Sonis, Professor of Oral Medicine and Infection and Immunity at Harvard University, and Deputy Associate Editor, Jai Patel, Chair of the Cancer Pharmacology and Pharmacogenomics program at the Levine Cancer Institute.  We are excited to open the opportunity, effective immediately, to receive submissions to be peer-reviewed for publication consideration.

A collection page for the new section is available here: Precision Oncology & Supportive Care