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Volume 30, issue 3, September 2022

Einführung / Introduction

Maria Buck and Kira J. Schmidt
Special Section: Technical Infrastructures, Transnational Protest Movements and the Use of Counter-Expertise

Artikel / Articles

Henk-Jan Dekker
Between Protest and Counter-Expertise: User Knowledge, Activism, and the Making of Urban Cycling Networks in the Netherlands Since the 1970s

Jaume Valentines-Álvarez
Tilting at ‘Nuclearmills’? Wind Energy, Grassroots Networks and Technologies of Protest in Spain, 1976–1984

Roberto Cantoni
Fighting Science with Science: Counter-Expertise Production in Anti-Shale Gas Mobilizations in France and Poland

Janine Schemmer
Social Resistance and Spatial Knowledge: Protest Against Cruise Ships in Venice

Rezensionen / Reviews

Christian Sammer
Avram Finkelstein 2018: After Silence. A History of AIDS through its Images; Lukas Engelmann 2018: Mapping AIDS. Visual Histories of an Enduring Epidemic; Christian Bonah, David Cantor und Anja Laukötter (Hgg.) 2018: Health Education Films in the Twentieth Century; Christian Bonah, und Anja Laukötter (Hgg.) 2020: Body, Capital and Screens. Visual Media and the Healthy Self in the 20th Century

Annette Imhausen
lorence Bretelle-Establet and Stéphane Schmitt (eds.) 2018: Pieces and Parts in Scientific Texts (Why the Sciences of the Ancient World Matter, vol. 1); Christine Proust, and John Steele (eds.) 2019: Scholars and Scholarship in Late Babylonian Uruk (Why the Sciences of the Ancient World Matter, vol. 2); Cécile Michel and Karine Chemla (eds.) 2020: Mathematics, Administrative and Economic Activities in Ancient Worlds (Why the Sciences of the Ancient World Matter, vol. 5)

Fabian Link
Pietro Daniel Omodeo 2019: Political Epistemology. The Problem of Ideology in Science Studies und Monika Wulz, Max Stadler, Nils Güttler und Fabian Grütter (Hg.) 2021: Deregulation und Restauration. Eine politische Wissensgeschichte

Mitchell G. Ash
John Gascoigne 2019: Science and the State: From the Scientific Revolution to World War II und Désirée Schauz 2020: Nützlichkeit und Erkenntnisfortschritt. Eine Geschichte des modernen Wissenschaftsverständnisse

Jonas Schädler
JoAnne Yates, Craig N. Murphy 2019: Engineering Rules. Global Standard Setting since 1880

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