What’s New in Renal Transplantation: a topical collection

Guest editors

Stephen Marks (Associate Editor) (stephen.marks@gosh.nhs.uk)

Nizam Mamode (Nizam.Mamode@gstt.nhs.uk)

The field of pediatric renal transplantation is becoming more complex, with both clinicians and academics needing to know the latest advances. Although we learn from adult practice, children are not small adults and there are inherent differences in anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology and immunology from infants to children to adolescents with their developing immune systems. This can be challenging to both physicians and surgeons, who strive to provide the best healthcare. This Topical collection focusing on pediatric renal transplantation will make it easier for multi-disciplinary teams to get insight into the issues they face, by drawing together up-to-date basic science and clinically relevant reviews in Pediatric Nephrology. Our aim is thereby to improve care and outcomes for our patients and their dedicated families who tirelessly support them.

What’s New in Renal Transplantation