Aims and scope

Anthropocene Coasts, an open access journal, publishes multidisciplinary research that aims to understand and predict the effects of human activities, including climate change, on estuarine and coastal regions. Anthropocene Coasts publishes original research articles, reviews (and overviews), topical communications, notes and letters.

The Anthropocene is the period during which human activities have had a marked, and often decisive, environmental impact on the Earth, whilst Coasts embraces all aspects of the land–sea interface. Anthropocene Coasts therefore seeks to identify and document the influence of human activities on contemporary coastal processes (physical, biological, and chemical processes across the land–sea interface) and the implications for other aspects of these systems including social, economic, and legal considerations.

Improved understanding of changes in the structure and function of systems and the cumulative impact of a succession of imposed changes is critical, if adaptation to change is to be appropriate and timely. Anthropogenic effects on coastal regions are extremely complex and there are often many differing perspectives on what constitutes appropriate solutions. Research that explores potential solutions to these issues is encouraged and can include topics such as:
  • Resources and their variations/changes;
  • Environmental influences associated with natural and human-induced processes;
  • Changes in coastal hazard patterns and the implications for safety;
  • The role of coastal ecosystem services and how these may change;
  • Implications of population growth and urban expansion on the coast;
  • Adaptation in response to change and methods to enhance coastal sustainability;
  • Interactions with society (including aspects such as economics, planning, policy/legislation and regulation, social mobility, technology, engineering, and risk management);
  • Observations, modelling, and theoretical advances to better detect and understand change.

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