Most Cited Paper Award of Analytical Sciences - 2021

The Editorial Board is delighted to announce the "Most Cited Paper Award of Analytical Sciences 2021". Selected papers for this distinction were determined based on the number of cites received during 2021 for all papers published in 2019−2020. The data were culled from several citation databases. All of these papers were categorized into "Original Papers, Rapid Communications, Notes and Advancements in Instrumentation" or "Reviews". The top-three most cited papers in each category were selected as follows and the two top papers received the "Most Cited Paper Award of Analytical Sciences 2021".


New Content Item26 points
Recent Progress in Chemical Modification of Proteins.
Sakamoto, S., Hamachi, I
ANAL. SCI. 35, 5–27 (2019).

23 points
Taste Sensor: Electronic Tongue with Lipid Membranes.
Wu, X., Tahara, Y., Yatabe, R. et al. 
ANAL. SCI. 36, 147–151 (2020).

17 points
Ten Years of Fentanyl-like Drugs: a Technical-analytical Review.
Roda, G., Faggiani, F., Bolchi, C. et al. 
ANAL. SCI. 35, 479–491 (2019).

Original Papers, Rapid Communications, Notes and Advancements in Instrumentation

New Content Item

16 points
Detection of Gold Nanoparticles Aggregation Using Light Scattering for Molecular Sensing.
Yano, Y., Nisougi, M., Yano-Ozawa, Y. et al. 
ANAL. SCI. 35, 685–690 (2019).

15 points
Silver Nanoparticles with Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate as a Colorimetric Probe for the Detection of Dithiocarbamate Pesticides in Environmental Samples.
Ghoto, S.A., Khuhawar, M.Y. & Jahangir, T.M. Silver
ANAL. SCI. 35, 631–637 (2019).

15 points
Analytical Comparison of Antibody-drug Conjugates Based on Good Manufacturing Practice Strategies.
Tawfiq, Z., Matsuda, Y., Alfonso, M.J. et al. 
ANAL. SCI. 36, 871–875 (2020).

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