Aims and scope

Digital Society is an interdisciplinary journal featuring research and policy documentation on fair, responsible, and sustainable design, governance, and regulation of the digital transformation. We are interested, on topics such ascybersecurity and digital conflicts; digital sovereignty; e-citizenship, e-democracy, and e-governance; e-commerce; e-health and digital well-being; the environmental impact of digital technologies; ethnographic and anthropological studies about digital cultures; the gig-economy; new forms of mobility; online education and training; the political impact of social platforms; privacy and data protection regulations; and the development of smart cities. Given the rapid pace characterising digital innovation, this list is only indicative.  

We welcome submissions generated in academic research as well as outside academic, for instance in think thanks, government institutions, the industry, or other. The journal publishes research articles of different types, often in collections edited by topic specialists, as well as commentaries and brief communications, or review papers critically engaging with best practices and policies relevant to its scope. The journal particularly welcomes rigorous investigations, evaluations, and recommendations concerning the ethical, legal, policy, and social aspects of the impact of digital technologies on society. It supports theoretical analyses, qualitative and quantitative methods, and any intellectual approach, disciplinary tradition, school of thought, and cultural perspective that are respectful of good scholarship standards, sharable empirical evidence, and cogent arguments.
Please submit your research online or contact us to discuss your ideas for a collection. All articles are double-blind, peer-reviewed.