Aims and scope

The Asian Journal of Philosophy publishes high-quality articles in any area of analytic philosophy, but with an emphasis on epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, meta-ethics, value theory, action theory, and the philosophies of mind, language, logic, technology, and mathematics.

The mission of the journal is to serve as a leading platform for analytic philosophy in Asia both in an inward and in an outward sense. Within Asia the journal aims to be a visible go-to outlet for analytic philosophers to communicate high-quality research and share it with the global community. Outside Asia the journal aims to  serve as an authoritative reflection of cutting-edge research in Asia and as an attractive publication outlet for promoting scholarly work to the large community of researchers working in the region. 

The journal publishes the following types of material:

  • Original research articles. 
  • Guest edited Topical Collections.
  • Discussion notes (of articles published in the journal).
  • Critical essays on recent books.
  • Book symposia. 

Researchers interested in editing a Topical Collection are encouraged to contact the journal. 

The journal works with the Asian Epistemology Network.