Climate Action is an open-access journal that publishes high-quality original research, reviews, and essays targeted at an audience of researchers and diverse stakeholders who are interested in mitigating hazardous effects of the global climate change. It aims at building a bridge from science to action towards scientifically informed policies at local and global level. The journal’s scope covers transdisciplinary research from social and physical sciences, combining political, environmental, socio-economic, and behavioral science, with a special focus on the climate change mitigation; climate governance and existing action plans; their feasibility (but also limitations) in the different regions of the world.

A message from the Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Jale Tosun:
"Climate Action is an international high-quality journal, which publishes all articles open access. The journal wants to prove that research on climate action can be both scientifically rigorous and transformative at the same time, appealing to wide audiences that include researchers and diverse stakeholders. To this end, it aims to convey research findings in a succinct and accessible manner without jargon or unnecessary technical details.

The community of this journal strives to develop an ever-improving understanding of how certain types of (non-)actions by individual, corporate or collective actors contribute to the overarching goal of climate change governance. Climate Action invites research from the various disciplines in social sciences and sciences that are willing to engage with each other in order to provide a value-added and to provoke a new way of thinking about climate change governance.

Climate Action publishes a broad spectrum of contributions, including research articles presenting original research, review articles, perspective articles, and case studies. It welcomes both empirical and theoretical papers that have the potential to change our way of thinking of how climate action takes place, which types of climate action produces what kind of outcomes, and how effective these outcomes are for mitigating climate change."

Jale Tosun, Editor-in-Chief
Heidelberg University, Germany

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  • Interview with the Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Jale Tosun

    How have you and/or do you work directly to address SDG13: Climate Action? 
    I started to work on SDG13 in 2012 when I was invited to join some of my colleagues in preparing a proposal which eventually resulted in an international network of excellence called “Innovations in Climate Governance: Sources, Patterns and Effects” (INOGOV)

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