Acta Scientiarum Mathematicarum is a peer-reviewed, broad-in-scope mathematics journal with emphasis on Functional Analysis and Operator Theory. In addition to these core areas, it welcomes high quality submissions from other areas of Analysis, Algebra, and Geometry, which are, at least in part, covered by the expertise of the members of the editorial board. The journal was founded and established by Alfréd Haar and Frigyes Riesz in 1922 as the first international mathematical journal published in Hungary and it is the 15th oldest and still active journal in mathematics worldwide.

During its history, a number of outstanding mathematicians published in Acta Scientiarum Mathematicarum. A few of them (in alphabetic order) are T Ando, G Birkhoff, C Carathéodory, L Carleson, H Cartan, A Connes, P Erdős, L Fejér, M Fréchet, M G Krein, L Lovász, J von Neumann, H Rademacher, J Schauder,  I Segal, J-P Serre, W Sierpiński, M H Stone, N Wiener,  A Zygmund.

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