The Molecular Genetics of Hearing and Deafness

Our understanding of the molecular genetics of hearing and deafness has progressed dramatically over the past decade due to the advent of new sequencing technologies and genome editing tools. These advances have led to a refinement of the phenotypic, genetic, genomic and mutational landscapes of hearing loss. The implications of these advances are significant in the fields of diagnostics, molecular physiology, population genomics and gene therapy. 

To provide a current overview of this rapidly changing field, we are excited to announce a forthcoming Special Issue of Human Genetics that will focus on and cover broad topics related to the Molecular Genetics of Hearing and Deafness.

This issue will include articles pertaining to:

  • Genetic etiology of non-syndromic and syndromic hearing loss
  • Genetic underpinning of age- and noise-induced hearing loss
  • Genetic diagnosis of hearing loss and variant interpretation
  • Clinical evaluation of genetic hearing loss
  • Molecular mechanisms of deafness-causing variants
  • Genotype-phenotype correlations and gene-specific natural history
  • Epigenetics and non-coding regulatory mechanisms
  • Systems and tools for modelling genetic hearing loss
  • Population-specific evaluation of genetic hearing loss

We are currently accepting applications for review articles and original articles pertaining to the above subjects.

Submission deadline: extended till June 15, 2021
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Expected publication: Late summer/Fall 2021

Guest Editors:
Kevin T Booth, PhD, Harvard Medical School

A Eliot Shearer, MD PhD, Boston Children’s Hospital Harvard Medical School