Topical Collection on Flash Photolysis

“Pushing the limits of flash photolysis to unravel the secrets of biological electron and proton transfer"

Time resolved absorption spectroscopy is a powerful tool to unravel biological functions and has been a key technology for elucidating the working of electron transfer chains in photosynthesis or photorepair of UV-damaged DNA. Both of these areas have seen important contributions from laboratories all over the world, not the least of them stemming from the ingenious technical advances described by Klaus Brettel, first at the Technical University of Berlin (Germany), and later at the Atomic Energy Agency in Saclay (France). Now, after more than forty years of tireless scientific activity, Klaus is approaching retirement and this collection gathers together tributes in the form of scientific contributions from colleagues along the way, covering a diverse spectrum of topics (see below)


Photosynthesis, light-induced DNA repair, electron and proton transfer in light signaling, flavin based photo-enzymology, fluorescent marker photophysics, model systems, delicate sample transient absorption spectroscopy.

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Guest editor Martin Byrdin and associate editor Evelyn Sage