Call for Papers – Large-scale Energy Storage and the Circular Economy

The world is on the precipice of widespread, low-cost renewable power, and even lower cost, longer duration storage is required to enable continuous use of these emission-free, stochastic sources. While incumbent aprotic lithium-ion batteries have benefited from both cost reduction and fleet predictably enabled by economies of scale in production, learnings from the energy storage boom of the last decade
have launched a number of new energy storage efforts spanning multiple chemistries and formats.

This special issue asks two simple questions:

1) Where does the utility of lithium-on end for stationary storage applications?

2) Where does the utility of non-lithium-ion solutions begin for these same applications?

For more information, click here to download the Call for Paper!

Click here to listen to guest editors Dan Steingart, Y. Shirley Meng, Jenny Baker and Yongyao Xia discuss the kind of work and range of contributions they hope to see submitted to this special issue. Submission deadline is November 30!