Materials Research Society

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Advancing Materials.  Improving the quality of life.

Founded in 1973, and headquartered in Warrendale, Pennsylvania, The Materials Research Society is a growing, vibrant member-driven organization of over 14,000. It includes people from over 90 countries around the world—from the richest of nations to developing countries.  Our members come from industry, academia and national labs, and their work touches on many fields, including chemistry, biology, physics and engineering.  They have skills and expertise that range from technical and organizational, to advocacy and education.  And they bring rich backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, talents, gifts and cultures to our community. 

Our goal, as a Society, is to embrace, cultivate and capitalize on that diversity, and use it as a resource for a dynamic and vibrant future.  Together, we advance the MRS mission… to advance materials… and to improve the quality of life.

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