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Measurement of hardness and elastic modulus by instrumented indentation: Advances in understanding and refinements to methodology

Development and exploration of refractory high entropy alloys-A review

Synthesis, characterization and properties of stir cast AA6351-aluminium nitride (AlN) composites

Accelerating materials development for photoelectrochemical hydrogen production: Standards for methods, definitions, and reporting protocols

New epitaxy paradigm in epitaxial self-assembled oxide vertically aligned nanocomposite thin films

Cold sintering: Current status and prospects

Understanding nanoindentation unloading curves

Application of nucleation theory to the rate dependence of incipient plasticity during nanoindentation

Effect of magnetite particle size on adsorption and desorption of arsenite and arsenate

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Cold sintering of microwave dielectric ceramics and devices

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A review on chemical and mechanical phenomena at the wafer interface during chemical mechanical planarization

Nanoindentation in multi-modal map combinations: a correlative approach to local mechanical property assessment

Applicability of focused Ion beam (FIB) milling with gallium, neon, and xenon to the fracture toughness characterization of gold thin films

Quantifying the effect of oxygen on micro-mechanical properties of a near-alpha titanium alloy

Probing structural and chemical evolution in (AlxGa1x)2O3 using atom probe tomography: A review

Surface passivation of germanium by atomic layer deposited Al2O3 nanolayers

A novel trench fibre push-out method to evaluate interfacial failure in long fibre composites

Development and exploration of refractory high entropy alloys—A review