Call for Proposals: JMR Focus Issues for 2022

JMR Focus Issues are devoted to a single area of materials research and are published several times a year. Focus Issues allow Guest Editors to comprehensively examine and assess current research of particular interest to JMR readers.

Proposals are being accepted for JMR Focus Issues to be published in 2022. Proposals should follow the outline provided below. Submit your proposal to the JMR Editor-in-Chief by the January 15, 2021 CFP deadline.(Initial queries regarding the appropriateness of a topic can be sent to

See here for previously published and planned Focus Issues. 

      1. Proposed topic: 

Topics should be interdisciplinary materials research and focused on the science of the field. Focus Issues should cover emerging and progressing fields in materials science or topics that would benefit from comprehensive coverage and review. 

(While topics may come from past or planned symposia, invitations for authors must extend beyond papers presented at meetings to capture the best and widest coverage of the given topic.)

      2. Proposed Guest Editor names and roles: 

Four Guest Editors representing the international diversity of MRS are required. Please define the roles of the individual participants. One person should be identified as the primary contact, or lead Guest Editor. (Note: The lead Guest Editor must be a member of MRS.)

Guest Editors should be experts in the field of the proposed topic, able to present a balanced view of the topic, capable of writing clear English, organized and able to meet deadlines. Previous editorial experience is a plus.

      3. Overall scope:

Describe the Focus Issue topic in one or two paragraphs, and why a Focus Issue is important at this time. Is the topic associated with a planned MRS meeting? Evaluation will be based on scientific value, presentation quality and plans to attract cutting-edge papers in the field (e.g., reviews, invited research papers).  A minimum of 20 published articles is expected for each Focus Issue. Please list at least 10 potential author names and draft paper titles to be invited. 

Invited authors should be representative of work in the field, drawing on the global materials research community and representing work in academia, industry and government labs. Please consider the full pool of talented scientists, engaging all demographic groups worldwide. Review papers are by invitation or proposal only and are approved by guest editors prior to submission. Original research articles should be full length papers. [Note: JMR does not publish communication-length papers.] See for details on manuscript requirements.

(Additional Note: MRS provides authors the option to publish their papers with Open Access, but only after peer review and final publication acceptance.)

      4. Proposed schedule to produce the issue: 

During what quarter of 2022 (Jan.-March, April-June, July-Sept., Oct-Dec.) do you prefer to organize the Focus Issue? For 2022 publication, the call for papers will be released by JMR at least 12 months before the publication date. 

      5. Other information, if applicable:

Include any additional information or other special requests you may have. 

      6. Submitted by: 

Names, affiliations, and full contact information of each proposed editorial team member.

Focus issue topics for 2022 will be selected by the Editor-in-Chief and the Associate Editors.  

(Scheduling of approved Focus Issues will be determined after the proposal has been accepted.)