Explore MRS Bulletin's Trending, Highly Cited Articles of 2023

1 Smart textile triboelectric nanogenerators: Current status and perspectives
2 Gradient and lamellar heterostructures for superior mechanical properties
3 Toward autonomous additive manufacturing: Bayesian optimization on a 3D printer
4 Toward an e-chemistree: Materials for electrification of the chemical industry
5 A review of safety considerations for batteries in aircraft with electric propulsion
6 High-entropy ceramics: Propelling applications through disorder
7 Electric-field-assisted processing of ceramics: Nonthermal effects and related mechanisms
8 Materials for interconnects
9 Electrification of the chemical industry - materials innovations for a lower carbon future
10 Commercialization of bulk nanostructured metals and alloys
11 Uniaxial mechanical properties of face-centered cubic single- and multiphase high-entropy alloys
12 When not to use machine learning: A perspective on potential and limitations
13 Stability of nanocrystalline metals: The role of grain-boundary chemistry and structure
14 A deep learning approach to the inverse problem of modulus identification in elasticity
15 Conducting materials as building blocks for electronic textiles
16 Evaluation of two-dimensional transition-metal carbides and carbonitrides (MXenes) for SERS substrates
17 High-entropy materials
18 Graphene coating on silicon anodes enabled by thermal surface modification for high-energy lithium-ion batteries
19 Recycling rare earths: Perspectives and recent advances
20 Materials challenges for quantum technologies based on color centers in diamond