MRS Bulletin October Webinar -- Materials Development for the COVID-19 Pandemic

The ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic situation since early 2020 has led to numerous challenges in efforts to respond to the pandemic, including the availability of PPE (Personal protective equipment), ventilators, and space in hospitals, reliability of diagnostic testing, and effective treatments for varied symptoms. The September 2021 theme issue of MRS Bulletin examines several research areas involving the development of materials for the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of COVID-19. The talks in this webinar will cover some of these aspects.

We have made the following articles from the September MRS Bulletin issue freely available for a short time in conjunction with this webinar.

Nucleic acid delivery and nanoparticle design for COVID vaccines
Jason L. Andresen & Owen S. Fenton

Material strategies and considerations for serologic testing of global infectious diseases
Jessica E. Manning, Patrick E. Duffy, Dominic Esposito & Kaitlyn Sadtler

Performance of three-dimensional printed nasopharyngeal swabs for COVID-19 testing
Angela Tooker, Monica L. Moya, Daniel N. Wang, Dennis Freeman, Monica Borucki, Elizabeth Wheeler, Greg Larsen, Maxim Shusteff, Eric B. Duoss & Christopher M. Spadaccini

Bioelectrochemical platforms to study and detect emerging pathogens
Mary C. Machado, Marjon Zamani, Susan Daniel & Ariel L. Furst

Recent developments in filtration media and respirator technology in response to COVID-19
Peter L. Wang, Alex Roschli, M. Parans Paranthaman, Merlin Theodore, Corson L. Cramer, Chris Zangmeister, Yuepeng Zhang, Jeffrey J. Urban & Lonnie Love