Highly Cited and Highly Read Articles

Below, find links to the Most Highly Cited and Downloaded articles from October-December 2020!

Most Highly-Cited Articles

Thermal properties of graphene: Fundamentals and applications

Thermoelectric materials, phenomena, and applications: A bird's eye view

Thermal-barrier coatings for more efficient gas-turbine engines

TEM sample preparation and FIB-induced damage


Lead-free piezoelectrics: The environmental and regulatory issues

Bulk glass-forming metallic alloys: Science and technology

Computational alchemy: The search for new superhard materials

Phase change materials and phase change memory

Transparent conducting oxides

Most Highly Read Articles

Far-from-equilibrium effects of electric and electromagnetic fields in ceramics synthesis and processing

Promoting microstructural homogeneity during flash sintering of ceramics through thermal management

A pathway to desired functionalities in vertically aligned nanocomposites and related architectures

Electric-field-assisted processing of ceramics: Nonthermal effects and related mechanisms

While transistors slim down, microchip manufacturing challenges expand

Thiol-ene materials promote volumetric 3D printing

Wearable sensor tracks vitamin C level

Quantum sensing system measures intracellular temperature over long periods

RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS: Perovskites By Pabitra K. Nayak

An art/science collaboration benefits nanotechnology, medicine, and art