Highly Cited and Highly Read Articles

Below, find links to the Most Highly Cited and Downloaded articles from 2020-2021!

Most Highly-Cited Articles

The underappreciated lone pair in halide perovskites underpins their unusual properties

Nonlinear optics with resonant metasurfaces

Smart textile triboelectric nanogenerators: Current status and perspectives

Double transition-metal MXenes: Atomistic design of two-dimensional carbides and nitrides

Organic neuromorphic devices: Past, present, and future challenges

Inorganic materials for transient electronics in biomedical applications

Biodegradable and stretchable polymeric materials for transient electronic devices

Freeform metasurface design based on topology optimization

US Department of Energy hydrogen and fuel cell technologies perspectives

Recent advances in rational design of efficient electrocatalyst for full water splitting across all pH conditions

Most Highly Read Articles

Nucleic acid delivery and nanoparticle design for COVID vaccines

Impact of COVID-19 on materials science research innovation and related pandemic response

Recent developments in filtration media and respirator technology in response to COVID-19

Thread-based wearable devices

Far-from-equilibrium effects of electric and electromagnetic fields in ceramics synthesis and processing

Conducting materials as building blocks for electronic textiles

A review of safety considerations for batteries in aircraft with electric propulsion

A pathway to desired functionalities in vertically aligned nanocomposites and related architectures

Promoting microstructural homogeneity during flash sintering of ceramics through thermal management

Three-dimensional printing of tactile sensors for soft robotics