MRS Bulletin Impact Articles

MRS Bulletin Impact is a premier outlet for high-profile original materials research, published monthly as a section of MRS Bulletin. It publishes a premium selection of highly selective new, original, and important research that demonstrates a significant impact or advance in scientific understanding of exceptional interest to the materials research community. Information on submitting manuscripts to MRS Bulletin Impact can be found here.

Below, please find the Impact Articles.


Influence of load orientations with respect to twin boundaries on the deformation behaviors of high-entropy alloy nanocrystals

Chunyuan Liang, Qian Zhang, Yecheng Shao, Yeqiang Bu, Jiabin Liu, Xiaoyan Li, Hongtao Wang & Wei Yang


Theoretical modeling of tunable vibrations of three-dimensional serpentine structures for simultaneous measurement of adherent cell mass and modulus

Jianzhong Zhao, Weican Li, Xingming Guo, Heling Wang, John A. Rogers & Yonggang Huang


A deep learning approach to the inverse problem of modulus identification in elasticity

Bo Ni & Huajian Gao


Manipulation and statistical analysis of the fluid flow of polymer semiconductor solutions during meniscus-guided coating

Leo Shaw, Ying Diao, Geoffrey C. Martin-Noble, Hongping Yan, Pascal Hayoz, R. Thomas Weitz, Daniel Kaelblein, Michael F. Toney & Zhenan Bao

Opinion & Perspective

Picturing science and engineering

Felice C. Frankel

Opinion & Perspective

Understanding phase transition dynamics paves the way to halide perovskites nanoelectronics 

Akriti, Shuchen Zhang & Letian Dou


Phase transition dynamics in one-dimensional halide perovskite crystals

Minliang Lai, Teng Lei, Ye Zhang, Jianbo Jin, Julian A. Steele & Peidong Yang


From ion to atom to dendrite: Formation and nanomechanical behavior of electrodeposited lithium

Michael A. Citrin, Heng Yang, Simon K. Nieh, Joel Berry, Wenpei Gao, Xiaoqing Pan, David J. Srolovitz & Julia R. Greer

Opinion & Perspective  

Nanomechanical measurements shed light on solid-state battery degradation

Matthew T. McDowell