Aims and scope

Molecular Biomedicine is a peer-reviewed, online open access, multidisciplinary journal that publishes the pioneer works of biomedicine, emphasizing on pathogenic mechanism and innovative techniques for diagnosis and therapy. This journal has an international authorship and a broad scope in basic, translational and clinical research including but not limited to:

  • Epigenetics, genomics and proteomics
  • Gene editing
  • RNA biology
  • Signal transduction
  • Structural biology
  • Early diagnosis and biomarkers of disease
  • Gene therapy, cell therapy and immunotherapy
  • Targeted therapy by small molecules
  • Molecular imaging
  • Artificial intelligence in medicine
  • Regenerative medicine

Except where otherwise stated, manuscripts are single-blind peer reviewed. Papers will be sent to review if the Editor-in-Chief determines that the paper meets the appropriate quality and relevance requirements.