Call for Papers - Agent‐Based Modelling: Applications in Policy Making

Editors: Dr Marco Remondino (Department of Economics, University of Genova, Italy); Prof Dr Klaus G. Troitzsch (Retired; Institute of Information Systems Research, Universität Koblenz‐Landau, Germany)

Advisory Panel: Prof Dr rer.nat. Iris Lorscheid, University of Applied Sciences Europe (Germany); Prof Mag. Dr Stephan Leitner, Universität Klagenfurt, Department for Management Control and Strategic Management (Austria); Prof Frédéric Amblard, Université Toulouse 1 Capitole (France); Prof Dr Camelia Florela Voinea, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Political Science (Romania); Dr Corinna Elsenbroich, University of Surrey, Department of Sociology (UK)

Scope: Agent-based Modeling (ABM) is a bottom-up analysis methodology. It allows the creation of "artificial societies" in which many entities, endowed with rules at the micro-level, interact within an environment and create a — not necessarily linear — aggregate behaviour. This peculiarity, along with the great freedom in the definition of these models, makes ABM a particularly suitable tool to study issues within the domain of social sciences at large. The rules on the micro-level are best derived from empirical data or, where these cannot be collected, from stylized facts.

The aim of this collection is to present both theoretical and practical studies and applications of ABM specifically applied to the areas of defining and assessing political strategies.

The works should mainly deal with the investigation of strategic aspect, such as, for instance coping with contemporary challenges, like as climate change, pandemics, migration, both at international and national/regional levels.

We welcome a range of perspectives, including interdisciplinary ones (e.g. from computer science, organizational science, among others), provided the application and relevance to the social sciences, and policymaking in particular, are apparent.

Original research is invited that:

  • Presents specific models, both conceptual and practical, both general and specific, applied to any field of policymaking; 
  • Studies the effects on different levels such as regional, national and international Analyses the connection between a national state and a regional unit (e.g. United Kingdom/Scotland or Spain/Cataluña); 
  • Discusses real systems studied with this approach;
  • Deals with the validation of ABM models applied to the mentioned fields;
  • Demonstrates a clear significance and contribution to advancing knowledge in the area of application;
  • Provides hints for decision making within and between different branches and levels of government and administration, for instance, under the aspect of the executability of legislation (e.g., rules enacted by international, national, and regional authorities in times of crisis).

This is a rolling collection and as such submissions will be welcomed up until the end of March 2021. Authors who wish to discuss ideas for articles are asked to contact the guest editors direct before submission. Full papers (original or review) must be submitted via the journal’s submission system. Submissions by email cannot be accepted.