Journal updates

  • Call for Papers: GPPG Theories, Methods and Cases

    Prof. Yijia Jing, the editor-in-chief of Global Public Policy and Governance (GPPG), will organize a panel with the theme of “Global Public Policy and Governance: Theories, Methods and Cases” (Panel T16P04) at the International Conference on Public Policy (ICPP) in 2021. After the panel discussion, the editorial office of GPPG will invite participants to submit papers for peer review and potential publications in GPPG.

  • Call for Papers: Global Populism and Governance

    As populism evolves in different issue and national contexts, this special issue welcomes conceptual explorations of the varieties of populism, their internal connections, and their connections to other social movements and concepts. Contributors are expected to analyse the causes of the populist movements; their constituencies; institutional opportunities for such movements to emerge; the nature of the demand for and the supply of populist opportunities to achieve power; and the extent to which they differ cross-nationally or are similar.

  • Call for Papers: Global Migration Governance

    We invite contributions to this Special Issue on the subject of the emerging global migration governance and public policy applied to labor migration, from a range of disciplines (law, political science/IR, sociology, political economy, geography, anthropology, development studies), approached by any methodological or analytical perspective.

  • International Journal Editor Panel

    The panel is organized by Institute for Global Public Policy, Fudan University, LSE-Fudan Research Centre for Global Public Policy and, School of International Relations & Public Affairs, Fudan University. Registration: