Aims and scope

Global Public Policy and Governance (GPPG) promotes multidisciplinary research to reflect on how increasing global interdependence has shaped public policy and governance in its values, structures, dynamics, and consequences, and vice versa. The journal welcomes organizational, administrative, managerial, and policy-based research that explores public sector reforms and developments in an increasingly globalized world. GPPG encourages innovative public administration research that breaks through current theoretical paradigms embedded in sovereignty boundaries. We welcome empirical work, case studies and theoretical inquiry that present new models and paradigms.

GPPG is a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal that aims to publish and increase knowledge in the area of global public policy and governance. Many public policy issues are globally or regionally linked, including domestic policy adoptions with regional or global relevance. The scope of GPPG covers comparative public policy and governance, domestic public policy and governance with global relevance, public policy diffusion across national borders, and regional/global policy and governance through supranational mechanisms. Publications in GPPG are not limited by areas of public policy and preference is given to topics of widespread significance.