Call for Reviewers for Extended Review Articles

The Review of Evolutionary Political Economy—REPE is looking for authors who want to engage in “extended” review articles. These will review at least three books in a certain field, but will go beyond a conventional review article by contextualizing the books in a research field and/or defining and developing a research field.

Such extended review articles would be handled as and considered regular original research articles (with a regular review process).

At the same time, it appears to be a particular opportunity for early-career scholars to engage in a field that they wish to analyze, clarify, and further develop in their own career.

As a first example and prime socio-economic issue, we suggest the thematic complex of inequality research and the origins, history, and different dimensions of socio-economic inequality. In this field, we call for the review of (at least) these three book titles in such broader contexts:

  • Thomas Piketty, A Brief History of Inequality, Harvard U. Press 2022
  • Jon D. Wisman, The Origins and Dynamics of Inequality: Sex, Politics, and Ideology, Oxford U. Press 2022
  • Richard Wilkinson, Kate Pickett, The Inner Level, Penguin 2019.

The research field of inequities/inequalities may be described, put in context, analyzed and further developed as fits.

Please submit your review/research article online as usual. You should also send a brief proposal first for a quick agreement by email to