Aims and scope

Journal of Sedimentary Environments (JSE), published since 2016, intends to give support to the international community that works in the field of Sedimentary Geology and related topics.

JSE accepts studies related to modern and past sedimentary processes, geological records of changes in the Lithosphere, Hydrosphere, Atmosphere and Biosphere systems, the nature of interacting processes between climate system (paleoclimatology), evolution of sedimentary systems, geological oceanography, environmental history recorded in sedimentary rocks, records of life evolution, influence of sedimentary processes on benthic organisms, interactions between living organisms and sedimentary processes, environmental coastal dynamics and management, environmental impact assessment, natural and anthropogenic stressors, man-environment interaction, marine and coastal geology, mineral resources, and medical and environmental geology.

JSE has a strong and international group of Associate Editors highly qualified in the various scientific fields to evaluate and support the publication of studies. This journal team aims to provide rapid publication of high quality work, supported by original, coherent, and meaningful databases, using multi-proxy and multi-disciplinary methodological approach on topics within the scope of JSE.