Aims and scope

Current Robotics Reports aims to offer expert review articles on the most significant recent developments in the field of robotics. By providing clear, insightful, balanced contributions, the journal intends to serve all those who use robotic technologies in all human activities, namely, in manufacturing, medicine, defense, service, and agriculture, among others.   

We accomplish this aim by appointing international authorities to serve as Section Editors in key subject areas across the field. Section Editors select topics for which leading experts contribute comprehensive review articles that emphasize new developments and recently published papers of major importance, highlighted by annotated reference lists. An Editorial Board of more than 20 internationally diverse members reviews the annual table of contents, ensures that topics include emerging research, and suggests topics of special importance to their country/region.   

Topics covered may include diagnostic medical robotics; orthopedic robotics and exoskeletons; rehabilitation and assistive robotics; surgical robotics; nanorobotics and microrobotics; robotics in manufacturing; space robotics; defense, military and surveillance robotics; service and interactive robotics; group robotics; and agriculture robotics.