Call for Papers "Computational issues and software for spatial econometrics"

Special article collection to be published in Journal of Spatial Econometrics

Guest Editors:

Roger Bivand, Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen, Norway

James P. LeSage, Texas State University

R. Kelley Pace, Louisiana State University


In recent years, the study of networks has received a renewed interest from the scientific community on social interactions, biological phenomena, the world wide web, financial networks, and power grid networks. While there has been some published research regarding calculation of various centrality measures for larger networks, there appears to have been far less work on estimation of spatial regression models as used in spatial econometrics for larger problems. Large problems also suggest the need for parallel, distributed, and cloud-based computational approaches. 

In addition to large problems, there are computational issues that arise for smaller problems where dependence structures produce multivariate distributions that are difficult to sample from when using simulation-based or Markov Chain Monte Carlo-based estimation methods. 

Because of the relative scarcity of published work in spatial econometrics on these and similar topics, we believe that this special issue will encourage contributions on these important concerns that might have seemed too ‘technical’ for general domain journals. We cordially invite researchers working in these areas and others to submit manuscripts for this special issue. We also welcome submissions demonstrating the reproducibility of presented results, so that significant technical advances may propagate efficiently to applied spatial econometrics research.


The topics of interest include:

  • Computational issues in estimation and inference for spatial regression models
  • Software algorithms and programs for spatial regression models
  • Scalability of spatial statistical methods
  • Distributed computing aspects of spatial models
  • Approximation-based methods for spatial models
  • Real-time modeling and data sampling for spatial models
  • Methods for addressing use of sample data from different spatial scales
  • Combination of statistics or estimates from multi-scale sources
  • Methods for analyzing robustness of estimates to scale of the problem
  • Issues pertaining to analysis of large spatial networks
  • Model comparison methods
  • Methods for dealing with spatial weight matrices
  • Computational issues specifically related to panel data models
  • Methods for modeling movement data, both aggregate (spatial interaction models) and micro-level
  • Other computational and software issues relevant to spatial econometrics

Important Dates:

•Submission of manuscript: Anytime during 2021

•First notification: Within six weeks of submission

•Submission of revised manuscript: Within two months of first notification

•Final notification: Within four weeks of receipt of revised manuscript

•Online publication: Upon acceptance and proof check

Submission Guidelines:

Submitted papers should present original, unpublished work, relevant to one of the topics of this special issue. All submitted papers will be evaluated for relevance, significance of contribution, technical quality, and quality of presentation, by at least two independent reviewers (the papers will be reviewed following standard peer-review procedures of the Journal).

The complete manuscripts to be submitted via the online submission system at