The AIROYoung Experience: Operations Research for Young Enthusiasts

This topical collection will be dedicated to young researchers in Operations Research and all of the various sub-disciplines and topics that comprise this broad and diverse field. This collection will be focused specifically on research presented at the 4th AIROYoung Workshop (Bolzano, February 5-7, 2020) and to the Italian AIROYoung chapter experience. AIROYoung provides an example of a successful initiative that emerged from the desire to develop a community of young researchers by and for young researchers. Here, volunteer PhDs and young operations research specialists invested their time and effort to create a  community, to offer resources, and to foster collaborations between universities and industries.

The collection will contain both scientific articles on the latest research topics and ancillary material such as interviews, to best illustrate the community that is behind AIROYoung and why it is important for young OR researchers around the world to take action.

AIROYoung Researchers Chapter is part of the Italian Operational Research Society (AIRO). Its aim is to foster collaboration between students and early-career researchers interested in the field of operations research, and to provide them with new opportunities to advance their careers and expand their networks. It also strives to connect practitioners and researchers in the OR job market, both in academia and in industry. Every year AIROYoung organizes, among many other events, a workshop dedicated to PhDs, PostDocs and early-career OR enthusiasts for this purpose.

Submission Procedure

  • Papers should be submitted at the Operations Research Forum website:
  • Select Article Type: Manuscript
  • Upload your files: When the system asks, "Does this manuscript belong to a special issue?" reply: Yes, then choose the option "The AIROYoung Experience"
  • Complete the the submission process as required.

Important Dates

  • Article submission deadline: June 15, 2020

Accepted papers are made available online on the Springer website soon after acceptance. 

Guest Editors

Lavinia Amorosi, Sapienza Universit√† di Roma; and Martina Fischetti, Vattenfall

Further Information

For further inquiries, please contact the Guest Editors: Lavinia Amorosi, Sapienza Universit√† di Roma; and Martina Fischetti, Vattenfall

For all information and further details, please download the document: The AIROYoung Experience: Operations Research for Young Enthusiasts (PDF, 186 kB)