Call for Papers - Special Issue on Covid-19 and Marketing Research in Italy. Contributions to theories, methods, and practices

Marketing and many other disciplines are experiencing a period of rapid change; with Covid-19 spreading throughout the world, they are also confronting new challenges. This global threat affects different countries in different ways, at different times, and with different outcomes. We find ourselves in a dramatic situation, in which we should – first of all – empathize with the victims of this plague and with those taking care of them.

In addition, as academics and researchers, we have a professional duty to consider how our discipline could and should evolve to cope with this extraordinary situation. Ultimately, we should provide suggestions, resources, and services to facilitate the world’s gradual recovery. We owe this effort to our students, our academic institutions, and the wider audience who could benefit from our research: companies and their employees, public agencies, etc.

Moreover, given that ITJM is the official journal of Società Italiana Marketing (SIM), the Editorial Board, staff, and those involved in the journal’s management have a very strong desire to devote special attention to institutional duties.

Covid-19 challenges several aspects of marketing research: are extant theories also adequate in times of a pandemic? Do we need to adapt our framework for future research? Can we employ traditional research methods or do we have to reshape our data collection protocols? Do professional practices still hold? Do we need to change our market orientation, marketing concept, strategies, and 

tactics? Most importantly, can we return to the pre-Covid-19 situation? What are the most important changes in consumer and organizational buying and consumption behaviors with Covid-19? What main (marketing-related) changes will we face in the near or medium-term future?

The Covid-19 crisis affects several marketing aspects, which can be summarized with reference to the SIM thematic groups. This means that we welcome papers from:

  • International Marketing
  • Consumer Behavior 
  • Marketing Communication & Branding 
  • B2B Marketing & Supply Chain Management 
  • Retailing & Channel Management
  • Tourism, Culture, & Arts Marketing
  • Technology & Innovation Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sustainable MarketingServices Marketing

For further information on this call, please contact the guest editors:

Marco Galvagno, University of Catania (

Giuseppe Pedeliento, University of Bergamo (

Eleonora Di Maria, University of Padua, Italy (

Michele Simoni, University of Naples Parthenope (

Paper submission/selection

When submitting a paper, authors need to mention that the paper should be considered for this special issue. To do this, authors are kindly asked to select the special issue: 'S.I. : Covid-19 and Marketing Research in Italy’.

All the papers need to strictly adhere to the specific guidelines of the journal (see:

Deadline for submissions: 18th January 2021