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The Covid-19 pandemic has led to the cancellation of numerous conferences and seminars around the world, which clearly has a negative impact on traditional forms of scientific knowledge exchange. With this Webinar, our goal is to contribute an initiative to fill that gap. Very much in line with the scope of this journal, we would like to "encourage and amplify the transfer of knowledge between scientists with different backgrounds and from different disciplines who study, solve or apply the same types of equations". At the same time, we are taking this opportunity to explore new forms of communication in journal publishing. Presentations in the Webinar usually be based on research published in the journal. This will benefit readers, who might use the Webinar as an opportunity to ask questions or make suggestions in a direct exchange with the authors. Vice versa, viewers of the Webinar might appreciate having the published papers at hand in order to delve deeper into the topics discussed. And finally, authors will benefit from the heightened visibility their research receives. 

Organising Committee

Habib Ammari (ETH Zurich)
Hyeonbae Kang (Inha University)
Lin Lin (UC Berkely)
Sid Mishra (ETH Zurich)
Stanley Snelson (Florida Tech)
Eduardo Teixeira (University of Central Florida)
Zhi-Qiang Wang (Utah State University)
Zhitao Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences)