SN Computer Science Partnerships

To make SN Computer Science a Journal of, for, and by the community, partnerships are invited from selective partners to have their own peer reviewed space in the Journal. The Partners are reputed Universities/Institutes/Laboratories and the Partnership is being driven by a Partner Editor, also part of SN Computer Science Editorial Board.

List of Partners:

From Australia: University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia 
Driven by Partner Editor: Ivor Tsang, Professor of Artificial Intelligence, University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia. 
Ongoing Topical Collections-(3). For more information of the partnership, click here.

From New Zealand: Center for Robotics and Vision (CeRV), Auckland University of Technology (AUT), New Zealand
Driven by Partner Editor: Wei Qi Yan, Director of CeRV, Centre of Robotics and Vision (CeRV), Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.
Ongoing Topical Collections-(1). For more information of the partnership, click here.