Aims and scope

The journal publishes research on advances in management practice, concepts, research experience and opinions to help firms and other organizations to become more internationally competitive.

The goal of the Journal is to publish insightful and impactful research on competitiveness and international business (IB). Competitiveness relates to providing context, concepts, strategy and execution to help firms become more conscientious, ethical and flexible while enhancing value creation and competing systematically towards higher stages of maturity internationally.

The Journal makes meaningful contributions to practice, world of knowledge and education so as to make groups, firms, cities and clusters more productive and sustainable. It intends to evolve sustainable competitiveness paradigm by innovating use of frameworks such as competitiveness Assets-Processes-Performance (APP) framework in diverse contexts to enhance capabilities on relevant factors and linkages among specific functions and across levels.

The Journal is open to original research articles and other papers relating to: experiential insights, practitioner perspectives, empirical studies, impactful innovations, comparative cases, application of tools and techniques, conceptual frameworks, methodologies and models, collaborative enquires to evolve paradigms, reviews and scenarios. The papers may cover one or many of the following areas: contexts and dilemma of competitiveness and international management, technovation and sustainability, and emerging practices, approaches and issues facilitating competitiveness.

The topics covered in this journal are as follows: business competitiveness, international business, strategies of emerging multinational enterprises (EMNEs) and activities (e.g., digital entrepreneurship, competition, sustainability), cooperative strategies (e.g., strategic alliances, joint-ventures, consortia, licensing), internationalization, technology management, business excellence, enterprise sustainability, flexibility linkages, strategic leadership, SMEs and corporate governance.