Call for Papers - Structure and Function of the Visual System

Brain Structure and Function will be publishing a Special Issue on “Structure and Function of the Visual System”, guest edited by Hiromasa Takemura and Marcello Rosa.

Over the last few decades, the visual system has been arguably the most widely studied sensory system in mammalian brains. Much of the anatomy, topographic organization and functional response properties of the visual system are relatively well understood. However, the integration of this knowledge remains a challenge: in other words, how does the function of the visual system relate to underlying neuroanatomy? Structural-functional relationships are still a major missing component in neuroscience-inspired computational models of visual processing, most likely because this fundamental question has not yet been fully addressed.

Answering this question requires in-depth discussion of what we can learn from neuroanatomy to understand functional and computational aspects of visual processing, and collaborative efforts among visual neuroscientists who are experts in the use of different experimental techniques, in different mammals. This motivates us to organize a new Brain Structure and Function special issue, which will welcome manuscripts on studies aiming to address questions regarding structure-function relationships in the mammalian visual system. This volume will also be a venue for full-length review articles and topical mini-reviews.

Specifically, we are looking for submissions covering one or multiple of the following topics:

  • Functional organization of the visual cortex (visual field maps, organization of stimulus-selective regions, laminar/columnar architecture);
  • Structural/anatomical connectivity in the visual system;
  • Anatomy of thalamic nuclei and cortical areas involving with visual processing;

  • Comparative studies which highlight organizational principles that are relevant for understanding function

  • Development of the structure and function of visual system;

  • Computational models linking structural/anatomical data with functional properties in the visual system;

  • The functional and structural basis of integration between the visual system and other systems, such as visuomotor integration or audiovisual integration;

  • Historical reviews of the development of ideas about the structure and function of the visual system;

  • Opinion pieces highlighting important issues on the link between structure and function of the visual system, particularly where a defined way forward is suggested

Manuscripts with a psychophysical focus will be welcome when the psychophysical data are combined with modelling or other types of experimental data, to highlight features of the functional and structural organization of the visual system. Studies on the retina will be welcome where they help understand structure-function relationships, such as the origin of functional information processing streams. Those relating to the visual system of other vertebrates will be welcome when they involve comparative analyses with mammals, to reveal evolutionary principles. Manuscripts focused on human clinical data or animal models of disease will be welcome when they help understanding brain structure and function on healthy visual system, including plasticity.

Manuscripts should be submitted via Editorial Manager. If you are interested in submitting your manuscript, we encourage you to send a pre-submission inquiry to handling editors Hiromasa Takemura ( and Marcello Rosa ( The pre-submission enquiry can be in the form of a short email stating the scope of the paper, and its proposed format (original research, full review, mini-review, historical review, etc.). 

Answers to the pre-submission enquiry will be focused on the alignment of the proposed paper with the volume topic, and will not remove the need of peer-review.

Initial deadline for submission: 31 May 2021