The Bulletin of Atmospheric Science and Technology is an official journal of the Italian Association of Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology (AISAM – l'Associazione Italiana di Scienze dell'Atmosfera e Meteorologia).

This journal covers research related to the broad areas of atmospheric sciences and meteorology. It welcomes a cross-disciplinary approach, with a focus on emerging and innovative numerical models, computational techniques, data analyses and retrieval techniques, and new sensor technologies, applied when and where meteorology and atmospheric science are relevant.

Offering a platform in which new ideas and developments in the field are shared, the bulletin aims to stimulate research which can improve sensing (measuring) and mitigation techniques to protect urban, coastal, marine and mountain environments.

  • A bulletin journal promoting sound atmospheric science and technological advancement with relevance to both academic, industry and government users
  • Strong focus on meteorological technology, sensors, radars, and atmospheric science monitoring equipment
  • Presents research and development as academic papers as well as short communication on the latest advancements in atmospheric science and technology

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  • Silvana Di Sabatino,
  • Paolo Di Girolamo
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