Topical Collection [New in Aug 2021!]

Please note: As of Aug 2021, the journal will introduce a new Publication Model - Topical Collections. This is an example of a TC:

What is a Topical Collection?
A Topical Collection (TC) is a collection of articles on a similar topic or theme. TC articles differ from special issue articles as they are published continuously and are not assigned to one issue. TC articles also receive their own link and are specially tagged to make them easier to share and find.

Articles in Topical Collections are published individually in regular issues
Topical collections are ‘open’ article collections – articles are added and published as we receive them. As TC articles are not tied to a single issue, articles are published in the first available issue. Unlike special issues, authors do not have to wait until the final article of an issue is published to get their work full published in the journal.

Guest Editors
Guest Editor names are mentioned prominently below the title of each Topical Collection. If there are several Guest Editors involved in a collection, one Guest Editor will be required to act as the lead editor responsible for managing all submissions and communication.

We require our Guest Editors to familiarise themselves with the editorial and publication policies of the journal and our Springer Nature Code of Conduct before they undertake their TC. Please find links to these below: 

Guest Editors are also invited to write a brief introduction to the Topical Collection. This Editorial should not be submitted via Editorial Manager, but can be directly sent to the Publishing Editor. Springer Nature offers free access to all editorial material.