Aims and scope

Materials Circular Economy provides a platform for research related to the science, engineering and technologies of sustainable materials, 6Rs (reuse, recycle, redesign, remanufacture, reduce, recover), lifecycle engineering and life cycle assessment of materials with or without the use of artificial intelligence and data science.

The circular economy (CE) is a concept or system that is used to emphasize sustainability of primary materials supply, design out waste and build economic, social and environmental capital. Over the years, the CE has gained a steady momentum and popularity for sustainable materials development and established three materials pillars as its foundation - (i) regeneration of resources (ii) maximize resources lifetime and (iii) usage of waste as a resource. In parallel, the materials science and engineering research has started engaging artificial intelligence and data science as new tools. Therefore, a new platform is to be established in the emerging scenarios of artificial intelligence and data science driven education and research as well as repositioning of the manufacturing sector to utilize the opportunities of cyber physical space (called fourth industrial revolution).