Call for Papers - International Perspectives on Cultural and Social Issues

Guest Associate Editors

Christoph Bördlein (, University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt, Germany)

Sarah Richling (Auburn University)

Holly Seniuk (Behavior Analyst Certification Board)

In its over 40-year history, Behavior and Social Issues has published articles on a wide range of topics related to important social issues such as environmental sustainability, criminal justice, collective violence, and diversity/bias; topics that are rarely or only recently covered in other behavior analytic journals. In 2019 Behavior and Social Issues joined the growing group of Association for Behavior Analysis: International Journals. It is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes scholarly articles emphasizing cultural analysis and behavior science for addressing large-scale social issues (Luke et al., 2017).

We here invite behavior analysts, as well as scholars and researchers from related disciplines (familiar with behavior analysis), to contribute to a special issue of Behavior and Social Issues focused on international perspectives on cultural and social issues. We especially invite contributions by authors from or engaged with countries where there are few or no universities offering programs in behavior analysis and the community of behavior analysts is small. The focus of this special issue is to inform behavior analysts globally about advances in international behavior analytic practice and research addressing social and cultural issues unique to these countries from which all can learn.

Contributions that involve collaboration with other disciplines are strongly encouraged. We welcome submissions that:

  • Report on experimental evaluations of international efforts to produce large-scale change at the systems, community, or cultural levels conducted in either natural or laboratory settings
  • Report on behavior analytic efforts applied in response to a systemic, community, or social issue 
  • Describe interdisciplinary program/projects aimed at addressing systemic, community, or cultural problems (for example, partnering in public health efforts)
  • Conceptual discussions of social issues unique to a specific regions, conducted by scholars with intimate knowledge of relevant contextual factors present 
  • Describe international collaborations between regions and/or replications within a new region
  • Present a historical account of behavioral science in international locations
  • Discuss unique barriers for behavior analysts addressing social issues in their respective country

Papers should be formatted in APA (7th edition) style, with a maximum of 30 manuscript pages (including tables, figures, and references). It is recommended that papers be professionally proofread prior to submission. Manuscripts addressing professional certification will not be considered.

Deadline for Submissions: December 1, 2020

Editor in Chief:

Mark A Mattaini, University of Illinois at Chicago


Luke, M. M., Roose, K. M., Rakos, R. F., & Mattaini, M. A. (2017). The history and current status of Behavior and Social Issues: 1978-2016. Behavior and Social Issues, 26, 111-127.